"The four women in The Ophelias got their start in high school, when each labored quietly as the "token girl" in a different band of boys. Soon, they'd get together to start their own project and develop a sound that meets somewhere between girl groups of the '60s and dream-pop bands of the '90s. "Fog" captures that approach perfectly, as it arrays irresistible blended voices against a few purposeful strings and strums, returns to a giddy and emotionally generous chorus ("I want to be warm / I want you to be warm") and gets out in exactly 104 glorious seconds."


                                    - NPR's Austin 100

NPR's All Songs Considered,

    "7 Albums You Should Hear Now."

        3. The Ophelias: Almost. Featured song "Fog"

                        - NPR. July 13, 2018

      "The voices are gentle, sharing unisons and then harmonizing with wistful, enigmatic tidings: “I miss you already/you were too gone too soon/I can’t understand you/The phone is gone.” The beat is steady and usually unemphatic; the song circles through three chords again and again. But there’s a mesmerizing intricacy to the indie-rock understatement of “Lunar Rover.” Those three chords thicken with ambiguous layers of polytonality, the beat mutates with ever-shifting details (note the cymbals) and multitudes of violin parts entwine everything else. Given a chance, it’s immersive."

                                                                - Jon Pareles, The New York Times

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Milk Crate #118

By Sam Buck

March 30, 2017

A picture is worth a thousand words, but these songs are worth a thousand pictures. 


"Featuring production assistance from Yoni Wolf of WHY?, the Cincinnati quartet’s second album uses bright surfaces to obscure sinister intentions, clothing dark songs in indie-pop innocence."

                   - Pitchfork 

                      July 26, 2018